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At the Zaleski Law Firm P.C., we have provided professional results-oriented service to thousands of Michigan families for over 50 years. We are attorneys that can be counted on for outstanding legal help and proven results. Our dedicated team is deeply concerned about the welfare and peace of mind of each and every family we serve. We are real professionals who really care. 


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Zaleski Law Firm P.C. was founded in the early 1970's by E. Thomas Fitzgerald and Gerard Dumon. They purchased the current location at 535 E. Main Street in Owosso, Michigan.


In 1978 Robert Ashley was hired as an associate in the law firm. He had just graduated from Wayne State University Law School and had passed the Michigan Bar Exam. ​​


E. Thomas Fitzgerald was boss and mentor to the new attorney. Fitzgerald was a high power defense attorney in Mid Michigan and taught the young attorney how to represent clients in an aggressive professional way. He had high expectations and demanded results in court. Ashley is the only associate that remained with the firm for I2 years.


In I991 E. Thomas Fitzgerald was elected to the Michigan Court of Appeals. The law practice was then sold to Robert Ashley.  In 1995 Curtis Zaleski joined the Law Firm as clerk and was hired as an associate Attorney in 1995. In 1997 Curtis L. Zaleski bought into the practice forming a new partnership Ashley & Zaleski P.C. ​In August of 2019 Robert D. Ashley retired from private practice selling his shares to Curtis L. Zaleski. The Firm continues the assert the foundations for legal representation started in the early 1970’s by E. Thomas Fitzgerald and continued by Robert D. Ashley in representing persons and family's with legal issues throughout Michigan.



"The Zaleski Law Firm saved our home!" -Actual client endorsement.​


"Zaleski Law Firm help restore our lives"

-Actual client endorsement.

We will guide you through the best solution.

We stop creditor harassment.

Chapter 7​
Stop collection threats.

Stop mortgage or tax foreclosure.

Wipe out debts.

Keep your exempt property.

Chapter 13

Save your home.

Stop a mortgage or tax foreclosure action.

Pay your creditors as low as 1% of what you owe over 3-5 years.

We are a debt relief agency, and we help people file for relief under the bankruptcy code of the United States of America.

Call us today at 989-723-8166 for a FREE initial consultation.  We CAN help you!

Estate Planning​

Meeting with potential new clients to assist in the planning of their estate is always a welcomed experience at The Zaleski Law Firm P.C.   ​


Each family has different goals and an idea of what they want to happen to their assets upon their death.  ​


We listen to our clients and after we have an understanding of the clients’ assets, family situation, personal needs and wishes, we recommend and develop strategies to implement our clients’ goals.  ​


We then establish an effective and comprehensive estate plan including living trusts, wills, life insurance trusts, powers of attorney, both general durable and health care, personal and corporate income tax returns, and, where appropriate, gift tax returns and family limited partnerships, family limited liability companies or other entities.  ​


We also help our clients transfer their family business from one generation to the next, while minimizing estate and income taxation and intra-family conflict.

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one was the victim of serious personal injury accident, we want to provide you with the legal help you need.​

At The Zaleski Law Firm P.C. , we bring an exceptional legal team to work on behalf of our clients and their families. We have over 50 years of real trial experience, fighting for the rights of accident victims here in the state of Michigan.  Auto accidents, injury, disability, or wrongful death, we are here for you.


The most important aspect of our law firm is our unceasing, unrelenting commitment to our clients and their families. We do our best work by listening, understanding, and helping each and every personal injury client and their family through difficult times. Call us today at 989-723-8166 or click the "More" link below to send us an email describing your problem.  ​

We will schedule a FREE initial consultation for you at either one of our convenient locations in either Owosso or Okemos, Michigan.

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